March 28, 2016

For Grown-Ups

Leila Berg - Reading and Loving coverWhile still working as a freelance journalist Leila began to write her many books for kids, for which she first became very well-known. She was already an established full-time professional author when she wrote her books about kids – for adults.

What a collection! Reading and Loving champions a very personal and sensuous approach to developing children’s love of the written word and stories. Look At Kids celebrates pre-school kids’ spirit, spontaneity, individuality and creativity in words and photos Risinghill:Death of a Comprehensive is a blow-by-blow account of the sad loss of a very special state school in LondonChildrens’ Rights, which she edited, has 6 chapters – one by Leila herself, and others by Michael Duane (head of Risinghill), A S Neill (head of Summerhill), Paul Adams MD, Robert Ollendorf MD, and Nan Berger OBE.  

Leila re-lives her own childhood in Flickerbook, with her written voice going through many changes as she grows from toddler to young woman. The Train Back , co-written with its subject, is about the abusive childhood of Pat Chapman, a friend whose son was in jail for murder.

The God Stories was Leila’s last book – a very unique re-telling of myths and legends from her own childhood, based on years of research into the foundations of the Old Testament, and in which both God and the first human are male-and-female-together.

Click on the links below for some extracts from, and background for, these books.

FlickerbookFlickerbook cover_small







Reading and LovingReading and Loving cover_240







Look At KidsLook at Kids cover2







Risinghill: Death of a Comprehensive SchoolRisinghill cover_repaired_400







Children’s RightsChildren's Rights cover_240

(with Neill, Duane, et al)






The Train Back: A Search For ParentsThe Train Back cover_400

(with Pat Chapman)






The God Stories: A Celebration of LegendsThe God Stories cover_400