June 30, 2016

For Kids of All Ages

Leila was never keen on defining children by their age group or deciding what they should or should not be able to do or read at certain times – which is why we have divided her work into For Beginners, For Children of All Ages, and For Grown-ups.

 This is the middle group, and they vary a fair bit in reading ability, but if they were all on a shelf together, Leila would let the child choose for themselves, and let them change it or not, for themselves. The books for less able readers are naturally more lavishly illustrated, an area in which Leila was very particular, whenever she was free to exercise her own judgement.

Click on the thumbnails below for more on each book.

Little Pete 58 cover_fixed240Folk Tales 2 cover_240The Story of the Little Car cover_400








The Adventures of Chunky_400A Box for Benny cover_240

Leila Berg - The Nightingale cover








My Dog Sunday

Tales for Telling_400 







The God Stories cover_400The Little Car has a Day Out inside cover_400Trust Chunky cover_400








Fire Engine by Mistake cover_240Andy's Pit Pony cover_400The Hidden Road cover_400








A Newt for Roddy cover_400