New from John Marsden

  (JM is author of Tomorrow When the War Began, and very much more) “Leila’s `Risinghill’ is a seminal work on education which I have been pushing at people for years. Leila’s brilliant analysis of the death of the school, interwoven with the personal stories that made Risinghill such a wonderful community, was a testament to how education should work — and how and why it sometimes fails. Every teacher and student-teacher should read it — as should every politician. It influenced me tremendously in setting up Read more about New from John Marsden[…]

Leila Berg - New People at Twenty Four cover

Rejecting Racism

‘The past week has seen a depressing rise in racially- and ethnically-based incidents of hatred in Britain. Perhaps emboldened by the Brexit vote, perhaps fueled by fear, many British people have found it acceptable to shout at those who appear different in the streets, telling them to “go back where you came from”’. This post-Brexit blog Read more about Rejecting Racism[…]

Seven Stories Newcastle

Seven Stories

Massive thanks to Seven Stories: The (UK) National Centre for Children’s Books which has the only known almost-complete collection of Leila’s books for children, and also the archive of her surviving papers. Their Visitor Centre is a must-visit for any kids, parents, teachers, publishers with a real interest in British children’s literature since the 1930’s. There’s Read more about Seven Stories[…]

Leila Berg - Little Pete (Russian)

Three books to be republished in Russian!

A Russian publisher of children’s books found us (Param and Jenny) through Leila’s ex-agent Lisa Eveleigh who still had an email address and made contact. We re-appointed Lisa as agent and are now (early May, 2016) close to signing contracts for initial print-runs of 5,000 each of The Little Pete Stories, The Adventures of Chunky, Read more about Three books to be republished in Russian![…]