New from John Marsden

  (JM is author of Tomorrow When the War Began, and very much more) “Leila’s `Risinghill’ is a seminal work on education which I have been pushing at people for years. Leila’s brilliant analysis of the death of the school, interwoven with the personal stories that made Risinghill such a wonderful community, was a testament to how education should work — and how and why it sometimes fails. Every teacher and student-teacher should read it — as should every politician. It influenced me tremendously in setting up Read more about New from John Marsden[…]

Seven Stories Newcastle

Seven Stories

Massive thanks to Seven Stories: The (UK) National Centre for Children’s Books which has the only known almost-complete collection of Leila’s books for children, and also the archive of her surviving papers. Their Visitor Centre is a must-visit for any kids, parents, teachers, publishers with a real interest in British children’s literature since the 1930’s. There’s Read more about Seven Stories[…]

Leila Berg - Little Pete (Russian)

Three books to be republished in Russian!

A Russian publisher of children’s books found us (Param and Jenny) through Leila’s ex-agent Lisa Eveleigh who still had an email address and made contact. We re-appointed Lisa as agent and are now (early May, 2016) close to signing contracts for initial print-runs of 5,000 each of The Little Pete Stories, The Adventures of Chunky, Read more about Three books to be republished in Russian![…]