March 22, 2016



Photograph: Peter Johns/Guardian

In The Guardian, by Rosemary Stones

Leila Berg: Children’s writer who depicted the reality of working-class family life in her Nippers books

“The author and editor Leila Berg, who has died aged 94, was a passionate advocate for the empowerment of children, particularly through literature.” (read more here)

In The Independent, by Nicholas Tucker

Author and editor who revolutionised our approach to children’s literature

“Her once controversial views about the importance of making a good fit between all children and their first books have now become part of normal publishing practices. Her libertarian educational beliefs, in common with the ideas of her friends AS Neill and John Holt, have fared less well in today’s more unforgiving classroom climate.” (read more here)

In The Telegraph, author unknown

 Leila Berg

“Leila Berg, who has died aged 94, liberated British children from the dead hand of Janet and John with her Nippers series of reading primers, and was an outspoken champion of comprehensive education.(read more here)