March 28, 2016

For Beginners

Leila found herself devising, editing and writing for, six distinct series of short books for small people just beginning to read. The Nippers and Little Nippers series were far and away the most popular and influential, and also remarkably controversial.  The Nippers page includes an extract from Leila’s book Reading and Lovingabout the vision and background of that series.

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The other four series were Small World, Chatterbooks, Steep Street, and Snaps. Many of them also appeared in translation. For more information, thumbnails of all covers, and more complete stories, click below on each series’ own link.


Well I Never coverLittle Nippers series





A Day Out cover_195Nippers series







Leila Berg - Rainbows coverSmall World series





Leila Berg - The Hot, Hot Day coverChatterbooks series





Call that a hat cover_195Steep Street series






Looking for ElephantsSnaps series