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John Marsden at bbwf(JM is author of Tomorrow When the War Began, and very much more) “Leila’s `Risinghill’ is a seminal work on education which I have been pushing at people for years. Leila’s brilliant analysis of the death of the school, interwoven with the personal stories that made Risinghill such a wonderful community, was a testament to how education should work — and how and why it sometimes fails. Every teacher and student-teacher should read it — as should every politician.

It influenced me tremendously in setting up my two alternative schools in Victoria Australia — Candlebark and Alice Miller School — so much so that I wanted to call the second school Risinghill, but couldn’t because it was on such flat ground! (I dreaded the thought of the thousands of conversations in the years ahead, explaining to people why it was called Risinghill!)”