May 24, 2016

Nippers: Can you help?

Leila Berg - Nippers

We think about 75 Nippers titles were released, and that leaves quite a few we’ve lost track of! Probably they’re not by Leila herself but we’re not certain. Can you help us complete the list below? Email to:

List of all Nippers and Little Nippers titles found so far (1/11/16)

Nippers and Little Nippers by Leila:

  • A Day Out
  • Julie’s Story
  • Tracy’s Story
  • Lesley’s Story
  • Jimmy’s Story
  • Robert’s Story
  • Paul’s Story
  • Susan’s Story
  • Finding a Key
  • Plenty of Room
  • Grandad’s Clock
  • Fish and Chips for Supper
  • Letters
  • The Jumble Sale
  • Put the Kettle On!
  • My Brother
  • Knitting
  • Hospital Day
  • Doing the Pools
  • That Baby!
  • Well I Never!
  • A Band In School
  • The Doctor

(See this page for lots more info on Leila’s Nippers stories)

Nippers Not by Leila

  • Ricky’s Birthday by Jaqueline Wilson
  • John’s First Fish by Helen Cresswell
  • Frankie’s Country Day by Mary Cockett
  • The Wedding Tea by Mary Cockett
  • An Armful of Sparrows by Mary Cockett
  • The Marvellous Stick by Mary Cockett
  • The Lost Money by Mary Cockett
  • Tufty by Mary Cockett
  • Scruff’s New Home by Nancy Tuft
  • Bonfire Night by Geraldine Kaye
  • Eight Days to Christmas by Geraldine Kaye
  • The Rainbow Shirt by Geraldine Kaye
  • In the Park by Geraldine Kaye
  • Ginger by Geraldine Kaye
  • The Play by Christine Thompson
  • A Present from the Seaside by Helen Solomon
  • Billy Finds a Pigeon by Helen Solomon
  • The Jazz Band by Helen Solomon
  • The New Bath by Denise Robertson
  • The New Pet by Denise Robertson
  • The New Car by Denise Robertson
  • Uncle Norman by Peter Pickering
  • Lost in a Shop by Richard Parker
  • Me and My Boots by Richard Parker
  • The Nest Spotters by Janet McNeill
  • The Family Upstairs by Janet McNeill
  • Look Who’s Here by Janet McNeill
  • The Day They Lost Grandad by Janet McNeill
  • It’s Snowing Outside by Janet McNeill
  • The Day Mum Came Home by Janet McNeill
  • Tip’s Lot by Trevor Griffiths
  • Kickerdonkey by Joan Eadington
  • Come on! Get Up! by Joan Eadington
  • The Terrible Rattle by Joan Eadington
  • Thigh’s Team by Joan Eadington
  • The Lamb by Irma Chilton
  • The Red Windcheater by J L Carr
  • Tiger, Paleface, and Me by Petronella Breinburg
  • Uncle Norman by Peter Pickering
  • Rex Is Out! by Marilyn Bloomfield
  • The Pretenders by Ronald Deadman
  • The Paper Bag by Beryl Gilroy
  • No More Pets by Beryl Gilroy
  • The Present by Beryl Gilroy
  • Knock at Mrs Herbs’ by Beryl Gilroy
  • Rice and Peas  by Beryl Gilroy
  • Outings for Everyone by Beryl Gilroy
  • The School Trip by Rachel Scott
  • The Boy in the Park by Barbara Peterson
  • Saturday Morning by Jill Bavin
  • The Pop Trolley by J Buckingham

Leila Berg - Little Nippers