April 8, 2016

Trust Chunky

Trust Chunky cover_400Brockhampton Press: Leicester, 1954 / Illustrations: ©Peggy Fortnum


The Crunching Cow

The Lordly Cat

The Bothersome Bulbs

The Agitated Ants

Chunky’s father and mother were both scientists. They did interesting things, like sitting in baths of ice to find out what shipwrecked sailors needed most. When he was old enough, Chunky was going to join in their experiments. But he wasn’t nearly old enough yet. So for the time being he was managing with his own experiments. it was very good practice; and nice for other people too, because Chunky was a helpful sort of scientist.

Stories in this and the previous book The Adventures of Chunky leaned heavily on the experiences of Leila’s good friend and raconteur, the scientist Professor Haldane.